Interactive storytelling for Medication training Apps

Interactive storytelling for Medication training Apps

LeQuest is an online medical training company of medium size, and I enjoyed working with my colleagues from many different countries around globe.

When I worked there, I’ve generated concepts and ideas for interactive medical training and education. I completed many projects and overcame challenges with my graphic design and illustrating skills, for instance, icons, illustrations of medical theories and machines. Besides graphic art and design, I also contributed my knowledge of interaction design, interface design and game play to produce better online / tablet books and games of medical education and training, and I have gained the experience of infographics design, and visual storytelling.
There are some examples what I have created bellow.






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Snow Boar

Snow Boar

Snow Boar is a 2D game specially for Christmas. It was created with watercolor painting and built in Unity.

Tom and I started generating ideas and building the concept with the painting- Monsters Winter Gathering in October 2016. In the beginning, we chose Snow Deer to be main character in the game. However, we found Snow Boar is cuter and more friendly for our audience so we changed our mind, and Snow Boar became the main character in our game. After two weeks thinking and discussing , we got our concept.

– Concept:
Snow Boar is the helper of Santa. He needed to deliver the gifts to all the kids in the world because Santa is gone one day before the Christmas.

– Game Play:
Player layer needs to guide Snow Boar to deliver the gift which is the same color as the house color, for example: green gift to green house.

– Condition:
1. Player only can deliver the gift the house after the light of the house is off.  There is a clock on every house to show how much time is still left before the light is on again.
2. If the gift is delivered on time and to the right house, the player will earn some score/candy, and get more time to play the game. If not, the time will be deducted.



















We couldn’t make our deadline because the time is too short, and we are still going to complete the game. We hope that we can publish it before Christmas 2017.

Credit: Game Programmer: Tom Jonkman; Game Artist: Yu-Chia Huang

Save Lamp Fish (smart phone & tablet game)

Save Lamp Fish (smart phone & tablet game)

Save Lanternfish is a casual game for smart phone and tablet, and is built by Mark and I in two months.
First I made some sketches base on Mark’s concept, and I discussed with Mark to confirm that I was on the right track. Then I colored my sketches with Photoshop. Beside of the game art, I also assisted Mark to generate ideas for game plays.

Game story and goal:
A Little Lamp Fish was happliy swimming in a deep blue sea. Accidentally she hit a solid rock and her lamp broke, all the lights are floating away from her lamp so now she is very sad. In order to make Little Lamp Fish happy, the player needs to bring the lights back to her, and fix her lamp.

Watch Animation test for the intro of lumpfish game


* Extra information:

Team member: Mark Overmars (Game developer, programer), Yu-Chia Huang (Illustrator, game play designer)
Production time: Three weeks for Demo version
Production period: 2012. March.

GlobalGameJam 2012- Samsara

GlobalGameJam 2012- Samsara

Samsara means the circle of birth, life, death, and rebirth. The game has been created in 48h by a team of six during the GlobalGameJam 2012 in Amsterdam using the Unity game engine.
Keep looking for powerups before the darkness gets you. The powerups do have negative side effects such as inversed gravity, inversed controls, disappearing level blocks and impared vision.
The player finds herself trapped inside a mysterious world. The experience starts with full vision of the surroundings, but the visible area slowly encloses around her. When nothing remains, the player is trapped, ending the game.The player must push back the darkness by transcending into new states of being. However, in each new stage one aspect of the player character or game world will be different. The player must find out what has changed, and traverse the near identical level.The cycle repeats again and again until finally, finally, the transcendence is complete.






Download the game-Samsara:


Windows, Mac OS X+, Web browser with plugins (Unity player, Torque)


Producer: Dylan Nagel ; Designers: whole team members
Programmers: Lukas Hoenderdos, Frank Versnel
Artists: Yu-Chia Huang, Robin Vink
Sound Design: Ewout Zimmermann

Candy Dream (phone/tablet game)

Candy Dream (phone/tablet game)

Candy Dream is a casual phone and tablet game. It was created in a month. (New version is coming soon… 2017)

Game Story: A Little Monster loves candy very much, even when he is sleeping, he still dreams that he is chasing after candy.

Goal of the game:  The player needs to help the little Monster to collect as much candy as possible.

Videos of Candy Dream:





* Extra information:
Team member: Danny Grob (Programmer, game developer), Yu-Chia Huang (Illustrator, game developer)
Production time: Three weeks for Demo version
Production period: 2011. March.

Mod & Tiem (Interaction storytelling)

Mod & Tiem (Interaction storytelling)

Intro of story:

Mod & Tiem is a story about friendship. Mod is a five years old kid and Tiem is a lion cat. One day, Lion Tiem ran out home because he saw a weird dark shadow, and Mod ran after him.  Then they both entered a mystery world, and thy needed to find their way home by supporting each other.

In a Thursday afternoon, Mod was so bored at home so she went to a shopping center with Tiem. As they was walking front of  antique furniture store – Y.C, a pink toy car was driving close to them. Tiem was so curious in it, and started playing with, chasing on this pink toy car.

Suddenly  pink car entered the store via a hole. Tiem followed pink car, and disappeared front of Mod. As pink car entered the store, it immediately transferred into a pink animal, and then jumped into the mirror. In the mean time, some furniture in Y.C was changing their shape  to become puppets, and strange creatures. Mod worried about Tiem so much, and ran very fast into the store by other side of  door to find her best friend, Tiem. However, as Mod entered the story, the door in the store took Mod to another world with magnetic force.

Mod was falling with high speed from sky of another world, and her skirt gradually became Parachute. The parachute helped her slow down her speed and floating in the sky. Fortunately she can land  on the ground safely.

Mod is going to have a adventure for  finding her best friend-Teim in this weird world. She will meet a lot of weird creatures, and find the way to achieve her goal-finding Tiem.

* Extra information:
Team member: Danny Grob (Programmer, concept developer), Yu-Chia Huang (Illustrator, author, concept developer)
Production time: Three weeks for Demo version
Production period: 2010. June.