Save Lanternfish is a casual game for smart phone and tablet, and is built by Mark and I in two months.
First I made some sketches base on Mark’s concept, and I discussed with Mark to confirm that I was on the right track. Then I colored my sketches with Photoshop. Beside of the game art, I also assisted Mark to generate ideas for game plays.

Game story and goal:
A Little Lamp Fish was happliy swimming in a deep blue sea. Accidentally she hit a solid rock and her lamp broke, all the lights are floating away from her lamp so now she is very sad. In order to make Little Lamp Fish happy, the player needs to bring the lights back to her, and fix her lamp.

Watch Animation test for the intro of lumpfish game


* Extra information:

Team member: Mark Overmars (Game developer, programer), Yu-Chia Huang (Illustrator, game play designer)
Production time: Three weeks for Demo version
Production period: 2012. March.