Dutch Windmill Creature in four seasons

Dutch Windmill Creature in four seasons

These four illustrations are created with watercolor through my imagination of Dutch weather and windmill.

Dutch Windmill Creature changes its emotions and appearances because of the weather in different seasons.
The Windmill creature is mostly happy, smiling, laughing and having nice and colorful appearances because of the beautiful spring scenery and nice summer weather. When the Autumn comes,  Windmill creature will activate its angry mode and its face will turn red as Dutch storm in Autumn. It is frizzing and gloomy in winter in Netherlands, so its look will change to icy blue and it will keep saying, it is so cold…






windmile-in-autumn windmile-in-winter



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Hello Seasons- Black Ink Monsters!

Hello Seasons- Black Ink Monsters!

Black Ink Monsters only like the color- Black, and they hate other colors. So, their plan is invading the world with their Black Ink. However, after they landed on earth, they were surprised by the beautiful scenery of the earth, and had too much fun with the animals to remember their mission.





Hello Spring!



Hello Autumn!

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Autumn Festival

Autumn Festival

The names of these Animal Creatures are Grace Egel, Konee ,Deren,Nijn Nijn,Birdin, Bell Brounie, and Soro from left to right in the picture below.
These Animal Creatures are good friends, and live in a forest. They usually are busy with their life, and don’t frequently meet each other. Middle Autumn festival is one of the most important gathering days. They will bring delicious food and nice stuff and share them with their friends. During the festival, they will talk about their daily life issue, have a lot of fun together, and enjoy their happy gathering moment.









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Monsters Winter Gathering

Monsters Winter Gathering

The names of these monsters are Deery, Boar, Freddy, Mice and Chippy from left to right in the picture below.

Freddy generates numerous heat. During the winter, he lives with Monsters in a village. However, when the summer comes, he has to move to cooler place like South Pole alone. He hates being alone in the South Pole and feels lonely every summer. The only thing that he can do, is wait until summer is finished. Then he can go back to the village and enjoy the winter time with his friends, Freddy. Deery, Boar, Mice and Chippy. His friends also feel really sad for him so they decided to take an action to solve Freddy’s issue, over heating in summer…. (To be continued…)


Winter gathering


You can download free coloring picture for your kids and friends’ kids. 🙂

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The Memory of Tulips & Monsters

The Memory of Tulips & Monsters

Reviewing photos always help us to remember the old and nice memories. No matter where you are, we always can remember that beautiful day with friends through the photos. Little Monsters are not exception as well. When they missed their friends, they will review the photo and remember how lovely it was!



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Portraits and Notes of the Monsters from other world II

Portraits and Notes of the Monsters from other world II

A universe consists of many different and small worlds. These individual worlds connect with each other with bones. Bones are secret tunnels between two worlds. Creatures might coincidently pass through a secret tunnel and enter another world.

Dreamy Cloud loves to dream impossible dream so she wishes that she could keep sleeping, dreaming and never wake up.


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Portraits and Notes of Robots

Portraits and Notes of Robots



Moose Robot©ChiaDNA
Recently Santa Clause got his first helper because the Santa felt that he was getting too old and afraid that he cannot finish his Christmas mission alone anymore. Therefore he decided to order his first Robot Helper, Moose Santa, from the Robot Maker Company and get help completing his mission. Moose Santa becomes one of the best little helpers of Santa.

Rusty Robot©ChiaDNA
Rusty Robot is built at “Robot Maker” and he is belonged to a service department of W&E (Water & Electricity) Company now. When he doesn’t need to work and it is raining outside, he loves wandering outside on a rainy day. He enjoys the sound and feeling of the raindrops that fall and touch on his body.

Light Ball Robot©ChiaDNALight-Ball Robot is innovated by two companies, Robot Maker and Phips. It was an experimental project for an exhibition in a museum. The purpose of this experiment is to “Help people to understand the emotions of Robots.” When Light-Ball Robot is happy, the color of light will turn to Orange; when he is sad, the color will turn to Blue, etc..  to Blue, etc..

Tool Robot©ChiaDNA
Tool Robot is built by a company- “Robot Maker”. He is a test sample for a repair center. He loves to help people and fix their computer, phone, television, radio and other electronics.

Service Robot©ChiaDNAService Robot is built by a company- “Robot Maker” for a Chef in his restaurant and helps that Chef offering the best dishes. He helps that the Chef to prepare food with his knife, grill meat and vegetable with his fork, and measure the temperature with his eyes.


Robot & Plant Monsters©ChiaDNA

Robot with his plant Friends in a Dutch raining day:
This Robot is an old module from a company “Robot Maker”. Now he is semi broken and was abandoned in a recycle center.
However, the employee of “Robot Maker” forgot to remove the battery before sending the Robot to the center, and somehow a miracle happened, “He woke up and run away before being recycled.”
He knew that he had to hide, and cannot be found otherwise he was going to be destroyed. He cannot walk on a street and interact with others without fearing for his life. Slowly he was feeling lonely; started talking to plants and collecting plants.


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Portraits and Notes of Plant Creatures

Portraits and Notes of Plant Creatures

Intro of these Plant Creatures:
Little Root, Stone plant and Grass Monster were growing next to the Secret Lab. Their genes were mutated by the chemical leakage. They got a mouth, a nose, a pare of eyes, arms and feet

Stone Plant©ChiaDNA
Plant Stone


Little Root©ChiaDNA
Little Root

Grass Monster©ChiaDNA
Grass Monster

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Portraits and Notes of the Monsters from other world I

Portraits and Notes of the Monsters from other world I

Intro of these Monsters from other world:
A universe consists of many different and small worlds. These individual worlds connect with each other with bones. Bones are secret tunnels between two worlds. Creatures might coincidently pass through a secret tunnel and enter another world.

Story starts from…. Monsters have so much fun in the Human world during Halloween evening. They completely immerse in the happy atmosphere, and fully forget to leave the human’s world before the door between Human world and Monster World closed.
Now the Monsters have no choice but face the consequence: they are stuck in the Human World. However, this is only a small issue and therefore not a big problem for them. They are still having fun and enjoying all the things the Human World offers.

Fluffy Monster©ChiaDNAFluffy Monster  is a ‘party animal’ and loves to party. She went to Human World to celebrate Halloween. She had too much fun however and forgot to return to Monster World before the portal between the Human World and the Monster World closed. Now she is stuck now in the human world. This is not a problem because everything is so interesting to her and she is having a lot of fun.

Birthday King©ChiaDNA

Birthday King loves giving birthday parties and inviting friends, even strangers. In fact, he just likes the feeling, being like a King of the party and receiving the gifts from everybody.
Happy Monster©ChiaDNA

Happy Monster has a positive mindset and loves to laugh. It is very easy to keep her happy mood, even when very bad things have happened to her. Nobody knows if she is too positive, or careless, or simply crazy? !
Baggy Monster©ChiaDNA

Baggy Monster is an insecure creature. Only when he is hiding in a box or bag like a shell, he feels safe and comfortable. Keeping his shell in good condition is not always easy so he needs to fix or change his shell from time to time, like a crab in the sea, hermit crabs. Observing people behind his shell is his favorite activity.
Rainbow Bread©ChiaDNAThere are three categories of Bread Monster Families, White Bread, Brown Bread, and Dark Bread. They will keep their own colors until 12 years old. Since 12 years old, they can see pigment molecules floating in the air, and color their body, change their appearance with pigment molecules.

Rainbow Bread is from a Monster family of White Bread and was born as other White Breads. His skin had no color but pale white so loves color so much. We can even say he is mentally affected by colors. His wish is to collect all kinds of different colors all over the world. On a day of his 3 years old and he saw a colorful rainbow hanging in the sky. He was so amazed by the rainbow. Since then he wishes that he could turn to 12 years old imminently and color himself like rainbow.


Big Eyes Bird©ChiaDNA

Big Eyed Bird’s looks just like her name. She has a pair of big eyes that allows her to see sharply and clearly from far away place.


Fire & Water Spirit©ChiaDNA


Fire & Water Spirit can collect water and heat from the air and use them like fuel to float and move in the air.
Monsters' Picnic©ChiaDNA

Anonymous Monsters in Picnic: The only information we got is this photo. There is no other information about these Monsters so we have been labeled as Anonymous Monsters.

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