Dutch Windmill Creature in four seasons

Dutch Windmill Creature in four seasons

These four illustrations are created with watercolor through my imagination of Dutch weather and windmill.

Dutch Windmill Creature changes its emotions and appearances because of the weather in different seasons.
The Windmill creature is mostly happy, smiling, laughing and having nice and colorful appearances because of the beautiful spring scenery and nice summer weather. When the Autumn comes,  Windmill creature will activate its angry mode and its face will turn red as Dutch storm in Autumn. It is frizzing and gloomy in winter in Netherlands, so its look will change to icy blue and it will keep saying, it is so cold…






windmile-in-autumn windmile-in-winter



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Hello Seasons- Black Ink Monsters!

Hello Seasons- Black Ink Monsters!

Black Ink Monsters only like the color- Black, and they hate other colors. So, their plan is invading the world with their Black Ink. However, after they landed on earth, they were surprised by the beautiful scenery of the earth, and had too much fun with the animals to remember their mission.





Hello Spring!



Hello Autumn!

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Autumn Festival

Autumn Festival

The names of these Animal Creatures are Grace Egel, Konee ,Deren,Nijn Nijn,Birdin, Bell Brounie, and Soro from left to right in the picture below.
These Animal Creatures are good friends, and live in a forest. They usually are busy with their life, and don’t frequently meet each other. Middle Autumn festival is one of the most important gathering days. They will bring delicious food and nice stuff and share them with their friends. During the festival, they will talk about their daily life issue, have a lot of fun together, and enjoy their happy gathering moment.









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Monsters Winter Gathering

Monsters Winter Gathering

The names of these monsters are Deery, Boar, Freddy, Mice and Chippy from left to right in the picture below.

Freddy generates numerous heat. During the winter, he lives with Monsters in a village. However, when the summer comes, he has to move to cooler place like South Pole alone. He hates being alone in the South Pole and feels lonely every summer. The only thing that he can do, is wait until summer is finished. Then he can go back to the village and enjoy the winter time with his friends, Freddy. Deery, Boar, Mice and Chippy. His friends also feel really sad for him so they decided to take an action to solve Freddy’s issue, over heating in summer…. (To be continued…)


Winter gathering


You can download free coloring picture for your kids and friends’ kids. 🙂

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The Memory of Tulips & Monsters

The Memory of Tulips & Monsters

Reviewing photos always help us to remember the old and nice memories. No matter where you are, we always can remember that beautiful day with friends through the photos. Little Monsters are not exception as well. When they missed their friends, they will review the photo and remember how lovely it was!



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Baby Birth Card- Monster Families

Baby Birth Card- Monster Families

The project was very fun and interesting. Before I started drawing the sketches, my client told me that they really like couple of pieces work I created, for example: Monsters’ Picnic, Robot communication and Robot & Plant Monsters. Then We did brain storming together, and we built the rough concept- Monster couple, monster helpers and a cat are preparing and waiting for the arrival of the baby. The sketches bellow are the results after the brain storm and couple times of communication.



After the sketches were approved by client, I started coloring the sketches with watercolor. The final results and the photos of printed cards are bellow.





Client: Ted & Roos

* Extra information:
Illustrator: Yu-Chia Huang
Production time: 5 days
Production period: 2016. July – August.


Fashion illustrations

Fashion illustrations

This was the practice for fashion illustrations. I used the photos in fashion magazine as my reference, and  I finished a pice of illustration in one or two hours.






Snow Boar

Snow Boar

Snow Boar is a 2D game specially for Christmas. It was created with watercolor painting and built in Unity.

Tom and I started generating ideas and building the concept with the painting- Monsters Winter Gathering in October 2016. In the beginning, we chose Snow Deer to be main character in the game. However, we found Snow Boar is cuter and more friendly for our audience so we changed our mind, and Snow Boar became the main character in our game. After two weeks thinking and discussing , we got our concept.

– Concept:
Snow Boar is the helper of Santa. He needed to deliver the gifts to all the kids in the world because Santa is gone one day before the Christmas.

– Game Play:
Player layer needs to guide Snow Boar to deliver the gift which is the same color as the house color, for example: green gift to green house.

– Condition:
1. Player only can deliver the gift the house after the light of the house is off.  There is a clock on every house to show how much time is still left before the light is on again.
2. If the gift is delivered on time and to the right house, the player will earn some score/candy, and get more time to play the game. If not, the time will be deducted.



















We couldn’t make our deadline because the time is too short, and we are still going to complete the game. We hope that we can publish it before Christmas 2017.

Credit: Game Programmer: Tom Jonkman; Game Artist: Yu-Chia Huang

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