It has been two weeks since I held my Visualize your Vision workshop. Finally, I found some time to write a brief for the workshop.

My motive for creating the “Visualize your Vision” workshop was to help people to find their inner motives through doodling. Because of many reasons, coincidentally it turned out to be a workshop that “helps people to set up goals and steps to reach their vision.” I would like to use the quote “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” from Forrest Gump.

It was great to see people enjoying the drawing exercise, opening up, and talking to each other with smiles in my workshop. At the same time, the assignment of the “Visualise your Vision” workshop has guided them to think about their life/career goals/visions and assisted them to clarify ideas and realize the steps toward their goals.

I didn’t expect so many participants would be in my workshop, and I got so much positive feedback from the participants. I will also adjust and improve my workshop according to the feedback. Hopefully I can offer even better and more fun workshops next time! ^^

*  Please feel free to contact me for “Visualise your Vision” for your Venture Journey, Start-up or Career.

I do appreciate the crews of Venture Café who assisted me to hold workshops, and the participants in my workshop who have given me a lot of effective feedback. I have to thank Kate especially because she helped me to improve my workshop introduction.

Of course I have to  thank my Black Ink Monster ambassador again. They were helping me to warm up the workshop! ^^