Intro of these Monsters from other world:
These Animal Creatures are very different from other animals. Some of them live freely in the nature, some of them blend in the human society. They are hardly seem by human because they prefer to keep a low profile. Thus, there is not much information about them and no real existing evidence to be found util now. (Let’s wait and see if more information will leak out.)

Monkey bear ©ChiaDNA
Bear Monkey is a new invention from the Secret Lab and created specially for Monkey year of Chinese Calendar.  
TNT cat©ChiaDNA

TNT Cat is a “Mascot” for TNT Company, and she has numerous fans in Asian. All the people think that she is just a puppet, except some employees from the marketing department of the TNT Company. These employee know she is real and where she came from.

Goat Monster©ChiaDNA
Goat Monster showed up at Harlods during the Chinese new year because Harlods wated to stimulate the selling by creating an interesting news, event, or a discussion, … to attract Rich Chinese tourist to visit Harlods. However, everyone thought Goat Monsters was just a “Mascot” like TNT Cat, except the CEO of Harlods.


Gift Moose©ChiaDNA

Gift Moose likes to bring gifts to people, especially for kids, and enjoys seeing the happy faces when the kids and people receive the gifts.

Mr. Sorry Duck©ChiaDNA
Mr. Sorry Duck is a very clumsy Monster. He always breaks stuff and makes a lot of small mistakes. When he does make mess, he will put his two fingers together and say “sorry, sorry, sorry,…”

Happy Squirrel Girl©ChiaDNAHappy Squirrel Girl loves nice and fresh food, especially the Echinacea. It is like a energy bar for her. She can power and refresh her mood very fast after she ate some Echinacea.

Energetic Rat Boy©ChiaDNA

 Energetic Rat Boy is full of energy, and he hardly felt tired. He only take couple of hours rest when he is really tired.

Fighter Frog©ChiaDNAFighter Frog has hot temper and can not keep clam so easy. However, he is a very good fighter, especially in tropical forest.

Grand Pa Frog©ChiaDNA

Grand Pa Frog is Fighter Frog’s Grand Pa. Grand Pa Frog was a fighter and had very bad temper as Fighter Frog when he was young. He has learned and experience a lot during his years of army life. Slowly he became an old, wise, and kind Grand Pa.

Egg Monster_cover©ChiaDNA

Egg Monster has an eye, mouth and 2 arms, and 2 feet grow out his shell. He can roll really fast downhill when he retracts his arms and legs back into his body.

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