— IceBreaker Workshop “Do you see what I see” at The Social Hub Rotterdam postscript / 11.22.202—-
It was my pleasure to collaborate with The Social Hub Rotterdam & Venture Café Rotterdam (as always ^^)  and hold my IceBreaking Workshop at The Social Hub Rotterdam during their special evening!

In my workshop as always, I saw people enjoying the drawing exercise, opening up, talking to each other with smiles, and even getting in further contact with each other. I really love to see that and enjoy it very much! 🙂 It was fun, but a bit too short. It would be great to have a bit longer time to hold this workshop there. 🙂

*  Please feel free to contact me for Team Building and Networking Workshops or the Warm-Up section for your events. 🙂
I do appreciate the crews of The Social Hub Rotterdam who assisted me to hold this workshop, and many participants there.

Aa always ~ I have to thank my Black Ink Monsters ambassadors again as well. They were helping me to bridge people! ^^