Happy 2017 is an animation project for practicing and promoting my Brand- Chia DNA.

I planed to create an animation for new year celebration on 29th of December. I didn’t have a lot time to finish it before 2017, so I decided to grab something I already have and combine it with something simple. Finally I picked Snow Boar and I added four simple monsters – 2017 Monsters. Next, I put Snow Boar and Monsters 2017 together to check if they fit nicely. Before I started animating my Monsters, I have written down the story and created a storyboard with it.
Then I started animating the Monsters with After Effect according to the storyboard mainly, and did some editing with Premiere. After two days hard working, I’ve completed this project on time.  🙂







Storyboard page 1




Storyboard page 2


Production time: 2 days / December 29 -31 2016
Production tool: Watercolor, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effect & Premiere