No one knows how the argument between Taipi and Koe Mei started at Café Oranje!?
When people noticed the disturbance, Taipei and Koe Mei has already started their arm wrestling competition.


What are they arguing at Café Oranje in Dutch?
Taipi: Koe Mei is sterker!
Koe Mei: Taipi is sterker!
Orangie: Wei is sterker???

• Sterk = Strong, Sterker = Stronger


Zo sterk als een beer! = So strong like a bear!
(Taiwanese people describe, someone very strong like a cow: “壯得像頭牛”. However, Dutch people say, someone very strong like a bear: “Zo sterk als een beer”)





Let’s learn Dutch and get to know the Dutch culture with these cute Monsters at Café Oranje!

Illustration:Yu-Chia Huang
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