Taipi and Koe Mei went out without jackets because the sky is blue and the sun is shining.
Now they feel chill when they are walking along a canal.
Koe Mei is telling Taipi, “she would like to buy a pair of gloves”, in Dutch.

Taipi is trying to understand wat Koe Mei is telling him in Dutch!?
Koe Mei: Ik wil een paar handschoenen kopen! (I would like to buy a pair of gloves!)
Taipi: Hand + Schoenen = ??? (Hand + Shoes = ???)

• Hand = Hand
• Schoenen = Shoes
• Handschoenen = Gloves


Ik wil…. kopen. = I would like / want to buy…..
For example: Ik wil een huisje kopen. (I would like/ want to buy a small house.)



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Illustration:Yu-Chia Huang
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