Main character is an Orange fish, and her name is Oran. She is pregnant and she needs to find a safe cave to give birth. Because she is pregnant, she can consume her energy easily. Thus, she needs to eat all the time to keep her energy level for survive. However, she has to be careful with what she eats because health food is with green color, will give energy to her and baby, but unhealthy food is with black color, will damage her health.

Game play:
Player has to help the orange fish to get in the safe cave to give birth, get as mush health food as possible, avoid unhealthy food, obstacle and enemies in order to remain  remain good energy.



Download the game:

 Project lead / Programmer: Boy de Wit
Game Designer: Benjamin van Hoorn
Programmer: Marius Versteegen
2D Artist: Yu-Chi Huang
Audio Designer: Eus Veldhuisen